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Friday, 27 May 2011


Rufus R. Jones

1. Gotta go with the classic 60's logo. Everyone reading this post owes me big time for not posting my thoughts on using a woman as the advertising mascot for fish. Seriously, you would not have been the same ever again, and I guarantee you'd never eat another can of tuna. Red snapper, maybe, but never tuna.

2. StarKist. Love that Charlie Tuna. I even had a Charlie Tuna bank long ago. Chicken of the Sea had the best jingle, though.

3. Tony the Tiger, mostly because he was voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft. Google the dude, you'll be surprised at how familiar you are with him.

Bob Tatis

1. I like the 50s version. Something about the hair over her eye makes her mysterious and sexy.
2. Chicken of the Sea
3. The Plaque Demon

cat daddy

1. I like the 60s version, what a babe!
2. I don't eat tuna - mercury. I only eat fish with (reputed) low mercury levels.
3. Frito Bandito was my fav. until he became un-PC. Now I'd say Green Giant...

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