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Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Rufus R. Jones

1. Yes, some form of them anyway.

2. Absolutely.

3. Yes, quite often. I also print articles off of the web almost every day. I keep them in a very unorganized expandable file. I'll probably never read them again.


1. Probably seen them all, but the first 3 for sure. Substituting Actuary for Statistician in the second one. I live in a insurance town.

2. Yes, the consultant must also be from out of town.

3. Never did much clipping. I tend to just save whole pages or sections of newspapers when I feel there is something vitally important in them. Then years later when they have turned yellow I will go thru them and try to figure out what article it was I saved it for. It's a fun game for me and aggravates my wife.

Cat Daddy

1. Never seen any of them - -but they certainly are apt!
2. Yup!
3. I haven't gotten a newspaper for maybe 4 years! Save a tree, use the internet! ;-) I get news from all kinds of places - -NY Times, Al Jazeera (AJE), London Times/BBC, Wash. Post, LA Times, and the locals here, Daily Pilot and OC Register. My mother-in-law still mails my wife coupons from the Wash. Post (Sunday). As for functional equivalent, I do print stories occasionally and give them to family members, but often I just send them a link to the story and my 2 cents. I know, e-mailing family is odd, but it works! And they all have smart phones - -but I have the dinosaur I gave my son years ago - -Desert Storm type of indestructo-phone.

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