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Thursday, 17 March 2011


Bob Tatis

1. I didn't even know what a topologist was until now. BOG truly makes me a more interesting person.
2. Topologist.
3. An internet blogger is someone who asks their loyal readers to finish their thoughts, trademarks it as a slogan, makes millions, then sends the person they stole the idea from a lousy coffee mug.

Rufus R. Jones

1. No, and I barely got that one. These remind me of the joke where surgeons are describing their favorite patients to work on. One liked accountants because everything was in order, another liked electicians because everything was color-coded, and another liked attorneys because they had no guts, no spine and their ass and head was interchangeable.

2. Modern artist for sure. I'd love to know the feeling of producing a few lines or blobs on a huge canvas and having people tell me how deep I am.

3. Bob nailed it.

Cat Daddy

1. Topologist isn't a word I have ever seen, let alone knew what it meant!
2. Artist, for sure. The rest of them don't seem to be much of a step above proctologist.
3. I'm not very funny at 8 in the AM (if ever), so I will just be on-point. An internet blogger (someone who runs a blog) is someone who tells everyone their opinion, and they have no room in their ego for a difference of opinion, then take every opportunity to berate those with differing opinions, to the point of removing differing opinions or moderating them out, and even blocking people who have those opinions (perfect example is "Bruins Nation" - -a so-called sports blog "by and for Bruins" (UCLA) but they run it like a gulag/stalag. It is the worst I have ever seen (www.bruinsnation.com)- -I once voiced, very delicately and respectfully, a differing opinion, and I got all kinds of warnings from them, very heavy-handed and nasty...all off-line, none of my posts ever made it to the board- -in response to which I left and never went back).

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