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Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Bob Tatis

1. Borders and Office Depot once in a while.
2. Oftentimes it's because they don't understand what their customers are really purchasing. Stage coach manufacturers focused on selling stage coaches. If they would have realized they were really selling transportation, perhaps they would have changed their product line to align with new technology. Borders is a current day example.
3. If there's a God, Mediacom Cable.

Rufus R. Jones

1. Borders, when I'm stuck in a strange town without a Barnes & Noble.

2. Businesses who fail to adapt to a changing business environment and doomed to fail. Borders was very late to join in online sales of books and late in offering digital books which doomed them to lose customers to Amazon and B&N. Now it's too late, I expect B&N to buy out whatever Borders remain at the end of the year.

I can't explain why Sara Lee is failing, them cakes and pies are good!

3. I'm with Bob, Mediacom should die a slow painful death.

I think the print magazine industry is in serious trouble, ditto for book publishing. As much as I hate them, digital magazines and books are poised to dominate the reader market. I'm sure there will be numerous tech companies that fold, I read somewhere that Sun Microsystems is in trouble. You gotta adapt, baby!


I heard yesterday already that Sara Lee was being bought out by Mexican giant bread company Bimbo. Great name for a company.

Rufus R. Jones

NOBODY TALKS THAT WAY ABOUT SARA LEE!!!!!!! Where's my blade?...


I would add Greyhound to the list every year, but they somehow manage to keep sticking around.

Cat Daddy

1. Office Depot maybe once every few months when I want a change of pace from Staples or I am closer to OD as I'm driving home (or they have given me a "spend $10, get $10 off" coupon, which I have gotten recently from both Staples and OD!). And Borders/B&N are only for browsing - Amazon beats them hands down...no tax, free shipping. 'Nuf said! The rest of these companies, not at all.
2. Redundancy. Like Circuit City/Best Buy/Radio Shack/Fryes/Etc. When there are too many selling the same products, and the economy tanks, it's musical chairs. Can't believe the rest of them are still here...so far.
3. Borders has been my #1 for a year, and now that it's "there," I'll have to do more analysis/guesswork...

Lance Simonetti

Hm, let’s think positive of Borders. Filing for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy actually buys them more time to restructure and deal with their debts. They can also get help from bankruptcy attorneys. On the other hand, Borders should have managed to do a dramatic downsizing before filing for it.

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