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Wednesday, 05 October 2011


Bob Tatis

1. No, but I once shipped a package to the Himalayas via Yak Express. Surprisingly, it arrived on time.
2. If Des Moines to KC qualifies as long, then yes. At bus depot in Des Moines when I overheard a fellow passenger say, "I used to drive for these guys until I got strung out on crack."
3. Harry was pretty good considering he couldn't sing. This song has special meaning for me. The day I left home to go off to college, I started the car and Greyhound was playing on the AM radio.

Rufus R. Jones

1. Never used Greyhound or any other unusual carrier.

2. Yes, from Southern Iowa to Central Florida. That was a long, strange trip.

3. If I'm ever feeling just a little too good about myself or the world in general, I pop in a Harry CD, sit back and wait for the depression to set in. That dude could make a song out of anything. He did pen my all-time favorite lyric, tho. "He said Christ! It was funny how he had named the only man who could save him now."

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