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Tuesday, 04 October 2011


Cat Daddy

1. The only tape player I have is in my car - it came with my 2004 Mercedes SUV- which also has an annoying 6 CD player which I have to manually load in the trunk are, which isn't much fun! We don't have a player in the house. I sold the component tape player that we used to have at a garage sale when we moved to CA in '07 - that was the last of the in-home cassette players I'm afraid. And we don't have a single cassette tape either!

2. 78s all the way babay! I have 100s of them, and they are non pariel as far as I'm concerned - the two Victrolas I have play them quite nicely. The best part is that the Victrolas are crank (I have one older tabletop model and one huge Credenza) and are therefore "green" players. both close to 100 years old and still going strong!

3. I've often been perplexed about the number of words that we (English) have that are redundant. Sometimes the words have subtle differences and I can see keeping them both (or all 3, 4, 5, etc.). Many cultures have a lot fewer words, and I have many recollections from studying languages where there is no counterpart to the English word (it happens for other languages where there is no English word too, but I think that's more uncommon). Having said that, I wouldn't take any words out of the dictionary. Even if a certain tech is gone, there is historical value. How can I tell my grandkids about my fav. 8-tracks from the 70s like the Doobie Brothers, Styx, Foghat, Jim Croce, and Cat Stevens if the terminology is gone?!

Bob Tatis

1. Yes I do, but I only use it once in forever to listen to old things recorded when I was a kid. Don't see any reason to revive them.
2. Live music my favorite.
3. Whiplash.

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