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Monday, 03 October 2011


Rufus R. Jones

1. Of course!
2. Of course!
3. I like 'em! The older I get the less tolerant I am of "Top 40" music and the more I appreciate less commercially successful storyteller/artists like Russell. Plus he has a smokin' hot wife.

Janice weber

Yes, I did miss you. It is usually the first thing I check on the computer. I will probably check regardless if there is a contest or not. I saw a better performance last night in person. You missed a good performance. He is going to be in Mt Vernon, Il this Sat. Not sure how far that is from you.

Bob Tatis

1. Yes!
1b. Almost as much as I miss Janice W. chocolate chip cookies, and the times when Wayne W. entertained us late into the night with his ukelele.
2. Not necessary. Bob forgives you.
3. They are swell.

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