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Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Rufus R. Jones

1. Nope, and don't plan to, either.

2. The NBC Thursday night schedule of Community, Parks and Recreation and The Office, all very strong shows. An old friend that BOG may know, Bruce Green, appeared on an episode of Parks and Rec last season as a disgruntled citizen offering to burn down a fence.

3. NBC, I guess. I mostly watch FX, Cartoon Network and the Comedy Channel.

Cat Daddy

I watched NCIS last night (recorded from the night before I think), the season premier. Not a "new" show but one of the few series I watch. Wife and I watch American Pickers when it's new, and the only other regular show I have watched is Covert Affairs (they have some odd bifurcation going on, having some sort of late summer episodes and then starting again in November? TV iust a mess these days - I may stop watching if it is going to be on again, off again. Whatever happened to the regular season going from fall through June, and then reruns until the fall?. I don't watch much TV overall. I still buy those odd things called "books"...


1. I was going to watch Person of Interest, it seems like the only new show that has a chance of being decent, but I was busy and missed the first half. Didn't seem that good based on the second half.

2. Watching all the previews Playboy Club and Charlies Angels were the ones that got me most excited. But it's a different kind of excited than you mean.

3. USA Network. They've had the best programming for years.

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